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Cleveland County Commissioner’s Check-in December 9, 2022

Our first official check-in with CC Board of Commissioners was attended by all officials including our County Attorney and NC Speaker of the House, Tim Moore.

This meeting would prove to be short sweet and to the point and after a lengthy prayer (always), they moved to the newly elected and appointed officials taking their oaths.

Oath of Office for Soil and Water Conservation

The Soil and Water Board is made up of 5 supervisors three of whom are elected and two of that are appointed by the Governor. Sherry Greene was elected to office in November of 2022. Sherry won with 17,243 or 38.20% of the vote.

Per NC voter search, Sherry is registered Unaffiliated.
Ted Wortman took his oath as one of the two supervisors appointed by Governor Cooper. Ted is a registered Democrat.

Oath of Office for Commissioners

Deb Hardin and Doug Bridges were two incumbents who ran unopposed in a partisan election for Cleveland County Commission. Speaker Tim Moore was appropriately chosen for their swearing in.

Both Doug and Deb are registered Republicans (surprise).

Doug Bridges was very active at this polls this November despite running opposed.

During Doug’s time poll greeting he was fond of calling non-conservative women who were handing our information “baby killers”. Deb Hardin on the other hadn’t has made a lot of progress for Cleveland County. In Deb’s time she has served on the board, she was responsible for the removal of the gas chamber from Cleveland County Animal Control.

Commissioner Chair and Vice Chair

This is an annual occurrence for the board. Both Kevin Gordon and Ronnie Whitstine remained as Chair and Vice Chair. All County Commissioners can be found here.

The board then moved into a closed session to discuss a “personnel matter”.